clone oracle 10g database software on AIX

Oracle, CPU Jan 2009, recommended bundle #3
UNIX AIX (both source and target hosts, command oslevel)
source unix user orax104
target unix user orax115

1. Install oracle software, recommended patches and CPU on source host.
2. Oracle recommends to shutdown any databases, listeners, agents etc before copying files.
3. prepare exception list
export CLONE=/oracle/export/install
find . -name "*.log" >$CLONE/ExcludeList.txt
find . -name "*.err" >>$CLONE/ExcludeList.txt
# network/admin can be useful for next installation
#shrept.lst is needed for patch 7226548 (lock_SGA on AIX)
#find ./network/admin >>$CLONE/ExcludeList.txt
find ./oc4j/j2ee/OC4J_DBConsole_* >>$CLONE/ExcludeList.txt
find `hostname |cut -d "." -f 1`*_* >>$CLONE/ExcludeList.txt
# DBCA templates, If u have them
find ./assistants/dbca/templates >>$CLONE/ExcludeList.txt
cat $CLONE/ExcludeList.txt

4. archive Oracle home
tar -X $CLONE/ExcludeList.txt -cvf - . | gzip -c >$CLONE/oracle_home.tar.gz

5. copy tar.gz file to target host
6. extract oracle home
cd /oracle/export/install
# file was renamed
gunzip rdbms_10.2.0.4_CPUJAN2009_generic_bundle3.tar.gz
# as root to preserve permissions
cd /oracle/rdbms/10.2.0/orax115
tar xvf /oracle/export/install/rdbms_10.2.0.4_CPUJAN2009_generic_bundle3.tar
# change owner. Owner group is the same (oinstall)
find . -user orax104 -exec chown orax115 {} \;

7. on target host as oracle user
cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
mv config.o config.o_backup
cd $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin
#detach oracle home if it exists
./runInstaller -detachHome ORACLE_HOME="/oracle/rdbms/10.2.0/orax115"
./runInstaller -clone -silent -ignorePreReq ORACLE_HOME="/oracle/rdbms/10.2.0/orax115" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="db_home_10g2_1"

8. (optional) Let other users use Oracle Home.
cd $ORACLE_HOME/install

Useful links:
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  2. Metalink DocID 558478.1 Cloning A Database Home And Changing The User/Group That Owns It
  3. Oracle Software Cloning Using Oracle Universal Installer
  4. http://www.pythian.com/blogs/1041/oracle-silent-mode-part-3-cloning-software-and-databases