cloning host with oracle database 9.2, 10.2

host was cloned to VMware.
oracle version
windows server 2003

it was also repeated with
oracle database 10.2.03
windows server 2003 SP1

rename database, instance and listener on new host
old db name: dcsdrp01
new db name: dcsdrt01
1. change tnsnames.ora for existing database (or u might connect to real production if u use tns)
2. add new database in tnsnames.ora
3. change listener.ora if u need listener (it has wrong host name)
4. create proper directories under d:\oracle\admin (depends on name convention and directory structure)
5. prepare new init.ora, default location for init.ora in windows is $ORACLE_HOME\database
6. prepare script to recreate control file.
use alter database backup controlfile to trace; and look in udump directory.
7. shutdown new database
8. configure listener.ora for new database
9. create password file for new database
orapwd file=D:\oracle\ora92\database\PWDDCSDRT01.ora password=password entries=10
10.  create windows service and START it! (you can not login to idle instance without it!)
oradim -new -sid DCSDRT01 -intpwd password -startmode a -pfile D:\oracle\admin\DCSDRT01\pfile\init.ora
11.  make sure original database (dcsdrp01) is down
12.  rename directories according to new init.ora file.
13.  delete current control files
14.  set ORACLE_SID=dcsdrt01
15.  sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
16.  startup nomount
17.  select * from v$instance;
18.  @new_controlfile.sql
19. alter database open resetlogs;
20. alter database rename global_name to dcsdrt01;
21. alter system switch logfile;
22. check connectivity thru listener
connect sys/password@dcsdrt01 as sysdba;
alter user system identified by password;
connect system/password@dcsdrt01
23. delete windows service of old instance
oradim -delete -sid dcsdrp01
24. disable or delete windows service of old listener
sc delete OracleOUIHome_dcsdrc2TNSListenerlistener_9i_dcsdrp01