How to point an agent to different OMS

Environment: AIX5L, Oracle agent

1. Connect to target host as a user which owns Oracle agent installation (home)
2. go to $ORACLE_HOME/bin
3. stop the agent:
emctl stop agent
4. edit emd.properties
vi $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/config/emd.properties
5. replace old OMS with new OMS.
or for secure
6. check agentTZRegion=Australia/Sydney (or Australia/NSW)
7. go to sysman/emd
8. remove the following files:
rm -rf protocol.ini agntstmp.txt lastupld.xml recv/* collection/* upload/* state/*
9. go to bin
10. clean agent state:
emctl clearstate agent
11. unsecure agent:
emctl unsecure agent
12. (optional) secure agent again:
emctl secure agent passwd where passwd is a registration password
13. start agent:
emctl start agent
14. check the status:
emctl status agent
15. upload metric data (in 30 seconds or more):
emctl upload agent
16. check availability of targets in new EM GC
17. configure credentials of new connected targets within EM for all administrators whom belongs the targets.

In case of some problems during registration of targets in EM or errors during upload process (15) do the following:
1. Delete all targets from EM
2. Stop the agent on a host
3. Delete agent from EM
4. Change targets.xml file (save a copy) to remove everything but leave entries for oracle_emd (entry for agent) and for host (for server since there is no chance to add host in EM – it should be discovered)
5. Remove files from sysman/emd based on 8
6. Do steps 9-17

Subject: How to - Point an Agent to a different Grid Control OMS and Repository? Doc ID: Note:413228.1 Type: HOWTO Last Revision Date: 19-NOV-2007 Status: PUBLISHED