OEM 12c Named Credentials - SSH Key Credentials

The following commands can be used on OMS host to configure SSH connection from OMS host to target host. Check/backup authorized_keys on OMS host. sshUserSetup.sh overwrites authorized_keys instead of just adding public key (it created backup though authorized_keys.tmp).
cd /oui/prov/resources/scripts
sshUserSetup.sh -setup -user -hosts

Alternately (if you do not have password for oracle on target host) generate SSH keys on OMS host with ssh-keygen and add id_rsa.pub to authorized_keys on target host (/home/oracle/.ssh) using root or sudo.

Then in OEM navigate to Setup > Security > Named Credentials
and create New Credential with Credential Type = SSH Key Credentials, using private/public keys from OMS host.

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